Condolences for Richard Faures Rathbone, Sr., M.D.


Larry and Essie Cockrell posted on 9/20/20

Such a sad time for all of you to have lost Richard here with you, yet a glorious day for Richard whose faith was undaunted. May we all see this through Richard’s eyes now as he is in God’s presence. And to find much needed comfort. We love you Michele and family. Larry and Essie


Pauline Coco posted on 9/20/20

Michele, I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. Please know you and your family remain in my daily thoughts and prayers.


Jack Nichols posted on 9/19/20

Michelle and family. A wonderful service. The grandchildren presenting the tulips was so touching! Jack’s comments resonated with me; Carol and I sniffled throughout the service. Again, we regret that we could not attend.


Lori Byrd posted on 9/19/20

Michele and Liz and family, I was so saddened to hear of Richard's illness and death. He was a wonderful person and will be missed and remembered for his loving nature and contagious smile. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Ginny Law Peterson posted on 9/19/20

Dear Michele, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband, Richard Rathbone. It was a beautiful and touching obituary about him. Prayers are with you and your family, Ginny


Donna Widner posted on 9/19/20

Thoughts and prayers to the family from all of us Donna and Pat Widner, Julee and Paul Blanchard, Daniel and Jessica Williams and Amy and Josh DeLee.


Bill Ford posted on 9/18/20

A good and faithful servant. Rest In Peace my friend. It was an honor and privilege to call you friend. Condolences to Michelle and the rest of his great family. He is missed.


Melanie Johnston Levy (Caleb and Sean Cangelosi's mom) posted on 9/18/20

I came to know and love Richard and Michele very early on in our "young parent days..." life has had its twists and turns and I'm sorry to say our lives took very different paths. I shall always remember fondly and be grateful for the times we shared as we were "figuring this thing called LIFE out..." My heart is broken for your loss...thankful that this is not all there is...


John and Diane Keen posted on 9/17/20

I’m so sorry to hear of Richard’s passing. We have such fond memories of attending Bible studies, sharing meals and attending church with him and the whole beautiful Rathbone family. We remember him as a fun, generous and godly man. The family is in our prayers.


Kathryn Lindsay posted on 9/17/20

A kind, caring and wonderful man. I am grateful to have known him. He was a good doctor, a good family friend and an all-around lovely person and I will miss him. I’m so sorry for your loss. May he Rest In Peace with the Lord.


Jesse Irwin Carnes posted on 9/17/20

I thank the Lord for Richard ... he was so generous and gracious, and he always had a Kind Word of Encouragement.


Lance and Mary Jo Smith posted on 9/17/20

Sarah and Brent know that we will continue to lift all of Sarah's family up in prayer. Sarah your father has left an amazing legacy through his children and their families and all the people he served and the many lives he touched.


Jean and Mike Mullens posted on 9/17/20

Our Sympathy is extended to Michelle, the children,spouses, grandchildren and all. It was a pleasure to know him, gone way too fast



Holly Brumfield posted on 9/17/20

Such a great doctor and friend for so many years!! Prayers to Michele and family! You’ll be missed Doc!!❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻


Susan Jeansonne posted on 9/16/20

Sending you and your family my sincere condolences. I will keep you all in my prayers. Sincerely, Susan


Mike Aucoin posted on 9/16/20

Michele, Mary Jackson, Anna, and your families - It is with great sadness and sorrow for me to hear of the passing of your beloved husband and father, Richard. I am all too familiar with such a loss, and under rather similar circumstances. Savor the memories of your beloved until you are reunited with him in eternity. I pray for the peace of the Lord Jesus to comfort you all during these difficult days, and far beyond.


Carol Spruill posted on 9/14/20

It is my good fortune in life to have met Richard by way of marrying one of his four first cousins, Jack Nichols. This meant the opportunity to have conversations with him at family gatherings over the decades. He was kind, inquisitive, funny and an all-round great person to be around. We called him "Saint Richard" because, in 2001, he saved my mother-in-law. She was traveling through Alabama when she had a brain aneurysm that was predicted to take her life the first night. She survived that and Richard became our family consultant and liaison with the local medical community. With much effort, he was able to extract her from the hospital and arrange for her to be transferred to the excellent medical facilities in Birmingham. She remains alive today - 19 years later. We are heartbroken that his life had to end so early, but it was a life well and fully lived. We love you, Richard. Rest in your well-deserved peace.


Peggy Arnstrong Vaughan posted on 9/14/20

Michelle and family, there are no words that can truly express how my family and I feel about Richard. He took me under his wings while I was working at Silliman in the early 90's. I was having problems with my heart racing. My whole body was out of whack, but he got me back on track starting with my thyroid and took great care of me until he left his practice in Clinton . My mom(Ellen Armstrong) told me just the other day how she had told him years ago that he was the only doctor she wanted to see and take care of her. Richard took great care of my parents. He would always stop to listen to the stories my dad(Fred Armstrong) had to tell and after listening, finally getting dad to tell him what was ailing them both. Richard was a diamond! My family was so blessed to have him for our doctor as long as we did. He has and will be truly missed by all who knew and came to love him. Praying for you and your family thru all this and the days to come. God bless you!



Therisa Vessell posted on 9/13/20

With deep heartfelt sympathy.


Mary Herget posted on 9/13/20

Michelle and family, I praise God for Richard and his life. He was a generous, loving Christian brother. You are each in my heart and my prayers! I rejoice with you in Richard’s homing. GOD blessed us with his life and we will rejoice and be glad. I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY. Mary


Chrissie O’Quin posted on 9/13/20

Thank you to the Rathbone family for sharing your husband, father and grandfather with the Clinton community. He is greatly missed.


Dianne Parker - Jackson LA posted on 9/13/20

Richard was Silliman football physician when my son Larry Parker Jr played. Larry had several injuries during his football and track years from 1984-1990. Dr Rathbone was always there to doctor on all the players. My son went to be with our Lord on Nov 24, 2002 due to a tragic tractor accident. I would like to think that Larry and Richard are again mending the injuries. Only this time there’s no pain only peace laughter and joy. Michele know that you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. Richard was a wonderful person and he’ll be missed by so many. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Pat Schneider posted on 9/12/20

Richard truly embodied the Rural Physician who lived his Passion for the love of God and his family and caring for his patients and their extended families. As colleagues, over the years we shared care of patients and opinions about the changing face of the practice of medicine, often ministering to patients, who previously had not had any medical care. Richard was a true gentleman, as well as a true Christian healer. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


Sally Lees posted on 9/12/20

It was my last year to try out for cheer. I had fake nails on. Those were just beginning to be the “new” thing. Anyway, my pinky nail got caught on the bottom of my friends shoe as we were standing up and ripped it off. Real nail and all. It was hanging on by a thread. I we to see Dr Rathbone for him to fix it. I was thinking he was just going to wrap it up. Boy was I wrong. Next thing I know, he was asking me if that hurt. Of course I was saying things that I shouldn’t t have been saying. Dr. Rathbone had pulled the nail off my finger and told me it will grow back. Of course I have a ton of memories. I’m sure going to miss him.


JoAnn Cazedessus posted on 9/12/20

Among many memories , Richard coming and assuring Mac he had NOT run over Elizabeth and caused her death, and the comfort he gave Mac. The favorite though is after the many times he sewed up our accident prone Nathaniel, he told Nat he was just going to give him the keys to the office so he could just meet him there.


Cindy Mcdonald posted on 9/12/20

I will never forget the very first time I met Richard. I went with a friend for an office visit and I introduced myself to him. We had just lost our 5 year old son and the first words out of his mouth were “ we have been praying for you and Randy “. Those words meant the world to me. Then, Michele, I still have the book you gave me. I refer to it often, especially since losing Randy. Love each of you and may God bless and hold each one in His arms. Cindy



Sharon Purpera Brown posted on 9/12/20

Dr Rathbone loved his family and community. Thank you sir for your labors here on Earth helping the sick, and loving your patients. Worked for years at Lane Hospital with him. My heartfelt sympathy to all his family, and I rejoice to know he loved his Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ. And he is with Him now. God bless you all.



Mohammad Pirzadah, MD posted on 9/12/20

I have never seen him without a smile. He was full Of life. Great loss for the medical Community.



Mohammad Pirzadah, MD posted on 9/12/20

I have never seen him without a smile. Huge loss for the medical Community. My prayers are with the family.