Condolences for Calvin J. Hingle

Carmen Ockrassa posted on 9/15/20

Lord God, You're always attentive to our pleads, may Calvin's family find in the arms of our Lord Jesus the comfort in their sadness. Make their faith strong with the assurance that someday they'll be reunited with their loved one. We pray this in your Son's mighty name... May Calvin rest in peace in the arms of the Lord!


Father Bob Massett posted on 9/10/20

Dear Hingles: I was a younger 9th warder when Cal, known then as Curley, Jim Berry, Arthur Frantz, Tony Marino and others captured St. Cecilia school yard and Stallings Gym for their basketball games. Also I was aware of Marilyn and Dan. I always looked up up to Curley as he was kind and friendly to us younger ones. It looks like he has achieved all God asked of him here on earth and will now be in our corner from the House of God Himself. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Sincerely, Father Bob Massett -- France and Claiborne.