Why Preplan?

Save your family from having to make difficult decisions for you under emotional duress. By pre-planning with Rabenhorst, your family gains peace of mind knowing everything is in order.

Our professionals will walk you through the selection process and help you plan a personalized service. Knowing that you planned the service will make it even more meaningful to your family.

Call us at 225-387-0171. We’ll show you how pre-planning with life insurance can guarantee the individualized service that you select today, as per the pre-need agreement.* And, the best part is your family won’t have a financial burden at a time of personal loss. We can visit with you in your home or make an appointment at one of our funeral homes. Let us help you pre-plan your personalized way of honoring a cherished life.

*Taxes and third party expenses, like police escorts, newspaper notices, and cemetery costs, are not included in the guarantee. Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company is a Louisiana Company.

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