Funeral Services

A funeral provides family and friends a chance to reflect on the life that was lived. At Rabenhorst Funeral Home, we offer a caring, supportive environment where loved ones can share their thoughts and feelings. A funeral is the first step in the healing process. Honor what made your loved one unforgettable with a one of a kind tribute.

At Rabenhorst, there are as many ways as there are wishes. Each service is personalized to meet your family’s specific needs. Choose a Traditional Funeral with Visitation, Cremation with Visitation, Cremation with Memorial Service or Graveside Service.

In Louisiana, most families prefer a traditional funeral service with burial. The service is usually preceded by a visitation at the funeral home.

Many families request a service at the church, synagogue, or other place of worship. Our funeral director will assist with the many details and decisions that need to be made.

No matter what your preferences, our funeral directors will help with every aspect of the funeral process.

A funeral is more than a chance to say goodbye, it is a time to confront the reality of loss. At Rabenhorst, we are here to help you find closure and comfort.