Family Feedback

For over 150 years, thousands of Baton Rouge families have thanked us for our help surviving life’s challenges. And hundreds have expressed their appreciation by writing us thank you cards.

See for yourself the value of a Rabenhorst service by reading the complimentary reviews written by your neighbors and friends. Our sensitivity, courtesy, knowledge, expertise, and pricing are consistently given superior ratings.

We strive to win your trust by getting every detail perfect. Since 1866, we’ve maintained this tradition of considerate professionalism.

“Our funeral director, Peter, was very professional and understood our situation and worked well within our budget. Peter was exceptional. He could not have done a better job. Our situation was a little odd and the entire staff worked well and graciously with us.”

“We appreciated Mr. Kenneth Parker’s understated and helpful assistance with my mother’s arrangements. He seemed always beside me if there was a question…or if a need arose.”

“Thank you and all of the Rabenhorsts’ personnel for accommodating my family and me with the arrangements for my husband. Even though we put the viewing together quickly and it was held so late in the day, you graciously gave us the time we needed to mourn.”

“His exceptional attention to every detail and to every request that we made was truly extraordinary…he went back to the cemetery a few days after the service and, with a single assistant, personally shoveled the excess dirt from the grave site and beautifully manicured the burial site to perfection—what an employee you have in that gentleman.”

“Bud Goings took excellent care of us. He was extremely kind and helpful.”

“They showed great respect and feeling in the removal of my husband’s body from our home. They were extremely accommodating in “presenting” him for friends and family to view before the cremation.”

“Ronnie Brocksmith always takes very good care of our family during our difficult times.”

“The pre-arranged funeral was such an advantage for our family. Kenny David was a great help in our decisions and David Ducote, our director, did an outstanding job in making our loved one’s funeral so beautiful. He helped us tremendously through this difficult time.”

“Everything was perfect. Could not improve on anything because Steven Newman was the most attentive person and met all of our needs. Very impressed!!”

“Scott, I wanted to express our appreciation for the extraordinary efforts that you, personally, and the members of your staff made in connection with the funeral of our father. It was extremely nice to have the kind of old-fashioned service and attention to detail that we experienced, and we are very grateful to you for making what can be a very difficult time much easier.”

“Dear David, I am sending thanks of my family concerning the death of my dear wife…Every person from Rabenhorst that we dealt with, from the first two, who came to the house to the last limo driver that took us back to the church, was completely courteous, concerned and professional in every way…We all appreciated the kindness, tenderness and professionalism of the Rabenhorst people.”

“Karen, I want to thank you for the extraordinary manner in which arrangements for Mom’s service were handled. Your professionalism combined with compassion and efficiency helped to make this most unexpected situation a bit more manageable…your personal phone calls throughout the process meant more than you’ll ever know.”

“Mr. Rabenhorst, I want to personally let you know what an incredible staff you have at Rabenhorst on Government Street. My entire family, for as long as I can remember, has gone to Rabenhorst Government.”